Dr. Simmons

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Mr. Hanke’s knowledge, wisdom, and professionalism has guided my financial decisions over 17 years. I have appreciated our relationship and will always consider him as an integral part of my financial team.


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Working with WE INSURE, specifically Mike, has been a real pleasure. The best result was that he was able to save me almost $400 a year on my 2 Homeowner Policies. I highly recommend this Agency.


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For many years, Mr. Hanke has helped me with my financial planning and now I am so pleased that he can provide me with my insurance needs. Mr. Hanke is knowledgeable in both fields and presents options for consideration in making the best decision.

Insurance Challenge: The Modern Family Household

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Even if you’re housebound and only know about the outside world via TV (a frightening thought!), you know families have come a long way from “Ozzie and Harriet” to “Modern Family.” Yet even the modern sitcom doesn’t fully reflect today’s society; remember, the couples in all three households are married, with children!   For example, Read More

Taking a Cruise? Insurance Can Be Your Life Preserver

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Do your vacation plans this summer include sailing the sunny seas to remote climes? Onshore adventures featuring jeeps and zip lines? Driving golf balls into the ocean? Will your daily wardrobe range from a bathing suit at the pool to evening wear at a luxury night club? And all while never leaving your “hotel”?

Renting a Car or Bike? Be Sure Safety Goes Along for the Ride!

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It’s an absolutely beautiful summer day, and the forecast for the next few days is even better. Suddenly, renting a convertible for a leisurely drive down the coast or a trail bike for a ride in the countryside seems like the perfect answer for a short, but much needed getaway from everyday stress and strains.

It’s Not Easy Going Green

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You’ve heard about “green.” You know it has to do with eco-friendly buildings, vehicles and systems. Now you’re hearing more and more insurance companies touting “green” offerings. What does this mean to you? Do You Plan to “Go Green”? The number of homes in the U.S. currently enjoying LEED status is small. Many homeowners choose Read More

Finding The Best Home Insurance in Tampa

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Finding The Best Home Insurance Tampa Homeowners who care about their property need to secure a good insurance policy for their home. They need to know that in case of disaster or robbery they are going to be covered. If you don’t care about these situations, you risk to In order to find the best Read More


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I was referred to Mike Hanke at We Insure Group by a good friend. I was pleased with the prompt reply, the amount of information provided in order to make an informed decision and the relatively easy transition to new homeowners and car insurance through We Insure Group. Best of all, I’ve saved a lot Read More